La recherche d’une connexion

La recherche d’une connexion 

or Searching For a connection, which is what I’m doing here as I type each letter one after the other quite labourously.

It’s a herculean task I must say to type something that will connect with its readers.

A task which also makes me quite nervous upto some degree.

I keep wondering, what it will be that’ll make you want to come to my blog time and again and read it.

That’ll make you want to comment on it or maybe tell about it to your other friends.

I for one come at a deadend.

Maybe it is the flair with which I’ll write that’ll make you take notice of this piece and make you wonder, ‘oh wow, what she says quite resonates with us’ or ‘yeah that’s something worth thinking about.’

All in all I aim for two things in particular.

1) to feel good about what I write and write what I feel good about


2) to help my readers connect to it

it’s a simple matter of searching those people who feel the same way as you do about something or for those people that don’t hesitate to put their views across.

I am if I might say searching for readers, readers who will actively tell me what they like and don’t like about my writing, or what they want me to talk about or what is worth talking about.

I like reading books, okay that is putting it mildly, I have a certain obsession towards reading books.

I love them and read them like you eat a meal, like you breath, continuosly and regularly.

I also love listening to music, sounds and rhytms that can transcend and take you to another place to a different land.

I am also a regular anime watcher, an almost otaku and I love watching anime for the simple reason that their stories are beautiful, more emotive and call at me.

I told you about my interests for the simple reason that I hope some of you can connect to it.

Also I have decided that at the end of each post we can talk about the book I’m currently reading, song I’m currently listening to, series that has me hooked and anime that I’m following.

so here it is,

1) I am currently reading the Finale of the Hush,Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick and let me say, I absolutely adore the series. There are few YA books out there that don’t feel uttely repetitive and Hush,Hush is one of them. Whilst scouring the internet for some good reads, Hush,Hush had quite the recommendations because of which I bothered reading the series, and I’m definitely not disappointed.

So you guys can tell me your thoughts on Hush,Hush or whatever book it is that you’re currently reading.

2) on a back to back loop on my playlist is the song Riptide by Vance Joy. It’s a nice groovy tune that makes you want to sing along with it and I enjoy listening to it several times a day.

I was scared of the dentist and the dark

I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations…

You can’t say that you don’t find the lyrics amusing and to some extent quite true.

3) the series I’m currently watching are many but the one I’m mentioning here is MasterChef Australia season 6. The Finals weeks is going and I love watching how they struggle to make food, plate dishes all the whilst whipping creations you and I couldn’t even imagine.

I’m supporting Jamie and Laura and a bit of Brent and Emelie.

Who are you supporting?

4) and finally  the anime series,

ending two days ago was Chihayfuru season2 on Animax.

I hadn’t watched Chihayafuru 1 when it had aired at prime time but instead had watched it during its season repeat telecast, and how glad I am.

Had i not watched this series I would surely be missing out on something truly wonderful, based in the world of competitive Karuta it is the story of Chihaya Ayase who enters the world of karuta at the behest of her childhood friend Wataya Arata. I love all characters in this anime, be it the brilliantly oblivious Chihaya, the super talented smart Wataya, or the gorgeous and determined Taichi.

I have wondered often who you guys ship, if you’re watching this anime.

I am for one an ardent shipper of Chihaya X Arata and to all those who saw the season 2 and follow the same ship as mine, I’m sure you’re grinning and brimming with joy as I am.

So that’s a wrap for this post.

Make sure you guys comment on what you feel and if you have similar tastes as mine in the above tell me who you guys support.

Music suggestions are defintely a welcome



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