I wonder. ..

I wonder if she knows this but sometimes all I can think of is her…
Her soft hair in my hands,
Her soft lips on mine and sometimes when she snorts in laughter and her eyes hold that twinkle that make me feel like I’m right up there with all the other stars…
And when she grins at me
So uninhibited and so utterly free for the entire world to see, sometimes I wish she’d grin like that just for me, so that the world wouldn’t know how beautiful she is and it’d be like an inside joke with us
‘You’re gorgeous and you have no clue,  but I do and God it is something’
I wonder if she knows that when I see her
I don’t see that she is having a bad hair day or that pimple she is crying about or that her old jeans doesn’t fit her or that her bra size isn’t big/small enough. ..
All I see is an ocean in its savagely beautiful form, and I want to drown in it…


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