I’m living a good life, I’m just not sure if it’s the best kind…
And I’m wearing expensive clothes and clicking selfies for my thousand followers on my iphone and I’m carrying an expensive bag to party at a high end club
And I’m drinking vintage wine and imported liquor and smoking gold cigars.
I’m just not sure if that’s all I want from my life.
Maybe all I want is lazy days and wearing clothes that make me feel good about myself and drink coffee and lookout into the ocean.
Maybe all I want is to listen to lana del ray and watch the autumn leaves fall from the trees and hear the wind howl mingled with the sounds of the birds and read book sitting by the fireplace and hear stories my grandma tells me and laugh at silly things and dance at the beat and sing to my heart’s content and kiss a boy who kisses me back with the same feeling and talk with my best friend and smile at strangers and compliment other girls and enjoy school and learn new things and have long picnics.
But somewhere between providing for ourselves and living a luxurious life, we got enamoured by materialistic pleasures and gave more importance to clothes and makeup and gossip and mindless competition and forgot that the the most precious things in life are the simplest of them.


One thought on “Life.

  1. Inner happiness is bred through self-actualisation and listening to our inner voice. Monetary success is external, it falsifys the feeling of satisfaction, however it will undoubtedly breed discontentment. Love, companionship, motivation, and inspiration drive us and light the soul fire 🙂


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