Dal Chawal

                       Dal chawal 

            Hopelessly in love with it

                            I am

          How will I survive without it 

                       In my plate 

                      I feed myself 

                Morsel after morsel 

                       Dal chawal 

                      It’s fragrant 

             With my mother’s love 

              The rice is the proof 

              Of the ceaseless toil 
                 On marshy lands

                How will I survive

                Without dal chawal 

   That’s reminiscent of my motherland 

                   I feel deep love 

           And lingering nostalgia 

    For the food that is a peasant dish 

  That keeps me tethered to my roots 

That let’s me chase my dreams around the world 

But keeps me grounded to the soil of my sweet home

Dal chawal: Lentil and Rice



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