I’ll take you as you are.

I’m struggling with your lies
You are beautiful,
Maybe being with you has shattered my illusion
I still think you’re beautiful
What are you thinking about?

I can’t get enough of you
You’re possessing my mind
Am I possessing yours?

This is the best kind of pain I think
I’ll be waiting for you, forever
I hope you come to me
I’m struggling without you
I’ll take you with your lies
I’ll take you with your faults
Just don’t ask me to live without you

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I’ll kill you without meaning to.

My love will be your poison
You’ll die a death, most slow
But don’t you worry my love
Even you won’t come to know

Your desire will tear your veins
Your blood will flow free
And even on the path of self ruin
All you’ll want is me

Lovesick insomniac
is what you will turn to
Masochist that you are
You’ll like when my love will burn you

My darling you think I’m joking
when I warn you time and again
Stay away from me
Or our love will be your bane

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You’re Heaven to me

You’re heaven to me
How the hell do you not understand
That even as I’m crumbling inside
all I want to do is hold your hand

And even as the last of my breaths
Leave my chest tonight
All I’m praying for
Is for us to be alright

And even as I lose all hope
Battered and bruised I lie
You’re my reason to live
And you’ll be my reason die

You’re heaven to me
All I want to do is hold your hand
Yet you accuse me of being cold
How the hell do you not understand