A bilingual horror story.

Tum ho toh main hoon:

Your presence validates my existence

Haathon mei tumhaara hath toh phir darne ki kya baat:

I can’t be brave without you.

Tumhaare bina zindagi adhuri hai:

I seek the purpose of my living  in you. I can’t become the protagonist of my own life.

Main banoon Teri parchaayi, main banoon tera sahara:

I will relegate myself to the shadows so that your brilliance alone shines.

Tumhaare sivaay mera koi nahi:

I will alienate the people I love and devote myself to you.

Tumhaare liye toh meri jaan bhi haazir hai.

I will serve my life on a platter to save you because you’re more important than me.