It’s 3 am and it’s damn lonely without you.

Is your heart breaking like mine is?
Is it shattered into a trillion pulsing pieces.
Mine feel like they won’t ever be sewn back, my veins are throbbing in arms and I have an urge to rip them out, and I don’t like any part of me now, because no part of me now is a part of you.
And I hate meeting people we knew together, because every single one of their faces is a living reminder, that I’ll be seeing them now, without you with me, and I don’t like knowing anyone without you.
I want you besides me.
Is it still possible?
Can I hold your hand please?
Just once, can I taste you again?
I won’t ask again.
I promise.
I’m a dirty liar, I’ll keep on asking, keep on asking you to come back home.
Come back to me.
Will you though?
Can you forgive what happened between us and come back?
Can we go back to the way we were?
I’m suffocating without you.
Did you take away my air too?
Should I hate you?
Cause I can’t seem to stop loving you.
Will hate heal me?
Time won’t, I know it, time won’t be able to touch these wounds.
You’re too real for me to ever forget.
Will my heart ever mend?
Can you love me again?
Will my tears ever stop?
It’s 3 am and it’s damn lonely without you.


It’s been lovely knowing you…


It’s been lovely knowing you darling
From your delectable head to toe
To know that when you kiss
You like it nice and slow

It’s been lovely knowing you darling
And how you love to sing
And that you still wear around your neck
Your late mother’s ring

It’s been lovely knowing you darling
With all your quacks and quirks
And how that amazing intellect
Beneath that beauty works

It’s been lovely knowing you darling
But you’re too good to be true
And that’s why all I can say is
It’s been lovely knowing you

– R.