The spoken word on our beautiful generation

Do i feel strongly,
About anything?
Nothing, nothing nothing
Not even strongly about this word
Repeating, singing repeating
for the sake of a cause I can no longer remember,
No longer care about anything but December
Why? Why?
It’s my birthday, that’s why?
Am i arrogant, selfish, conceited, like a teenage girl
Don’t care again, again
This I ask eveytime
You ask me anything
I have embraced the modern pop culture
Of not caring, of not giving a damn
Of not giving any fucks, of ain’t having no jam
Don’t care, did I say it already?
Well who cares?
Apparently no one
We’re a mass movement of anarchy
Of lost history and geography
born from fear, capitalism and a state of democracy
Is it democracy?
The lines are all blurring,
even my speech is s l u r r i n g
What an excellent way to show
I don’t care,
I dont care
I’ll be on my way
Going along a road, that has been well formed by the million footsteps that preceded me.
The long road not taken is
overrated, overrated
Hop on this bandwagon
We’re all sheeps of the same fleece
Raze us, graze us
We eat the same weeds, the same grass
Fiber, moral fiber. what is that?
We understand money,
Bitcoins, dollars and cash,
blank cheques and pots of gold,
There’s nothing here
the soul long sold
Don’t care, don’t care
empty flesh, empty heart
This is our end, and this is our start
We’re walled minds for humanity’s sake
We roll, smoke, snort and bake
Rotting skin and pink entrails
daddy’s dying in metal jail
Who cares?
None of us do,
We’re the blossoming generation
of a dying world.


I’ll take you as you are.

I’m struggling with your lies
You are beautiful,
Maybe being with you has shattered my illusion
I still think you’re beautiful
What are you thinking about?

I can’t get enough of you
You’re possessing my mind
Am I possessing yours?

This is the best kind of pain I think
I’ll be waiting for you, forever
I hope you come to me
I’m struggling without you
I’ll take you with your lies
I’ll take you with your faults
Just don’t ask me to live without you

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I’m living a good life, I’m just not sure if it’s the best kind…
And I’m wearing expensive clothes and clicking selfies for my thousand followers on my iphone and I’m carrying an expensive bag to party at a high end club
And I’m drinking vintage wine and imported liquor and smoking gold cigars.
I’m just not sure if that’s all I want from my life.
Maybe all I want is lazy days and wearing clothes that make me feel good about myself and drink coffee and lookout into the ocean.
Maybe all I want is to listen to lana del ray and watch the autumn leaves fall from the trees and hear the wind howl mingled with the sounds of the birds and read book sitting by the fireplace and hear stories my grandma tells me and laugh at silly things and dance at the beat and sing to my heart’s content and kiss a boy who kisses me back with the same feeling and talk with my best friend and smile at strangers and compliment other girls and enjoy school and learn new things and have long picnics.
But somewhere between providing for ourselves and living a luxurious life, we got enamoured by materialistic pleasures and gave more importance to clothes and makeup and gossip and mindless competition and forgot that the the most precious things in life are the simplest of them.